In the spring of 2009 something happened to me that was to change the course of my life.

Several of us were invited to a Passover Supper in Witney, being led by a Messianic Jew (a Jewish believer in Yeshua – the Hebrew Name of Jesus). What a shock when we were invited to dance, “putting aside our great British reserve!”

How wonderful and joyful it was and four of us subsequently continued going to a monthly dance workshop in Witney. We had learnt three dances, two of which were Israeli folk dances and we then learnt a dance to a beautiful song:

Blessed are You O Lord Our God, eternity’s Holy King.
Blessed are You O Lord our God whose Word brings on the evening.

(The words then change to Hebrew):
Baruch et Adonai ham’vorach l’olam vaed = Blessed is Adonai who is blessed now and forever.

I knew as I worshipped in dance that my life was to change forever as I felt my heart touch His heart and I knew that as long as I had breath in my body and it could move, I would continue to dance. And so, as the Lord led me through words of scripture, a dream and a prophetic word, nine months later the dance group was birthed.

Today, as I write these words, tears are being shed by many of us as our dear sister Patricia passed away this morning. Patricia had been disabled from a badly broken ankle, but had received healing on two occasions and had been given a prophetic word that she would even dance. When Patricia moved back to England to the Stroud area, she came and joined the dance group. She gave us much teaching on the Jewish roots of Christianity and we were so privileged to know her as our friend.

It is so fitting that the first testimony to be included in the Kingdom Family Dancers’ website is from our friend Jean whose husband died about 18 months ago. Psalm 30:11 says “He has turned my mourning into joyful dancing.” This literally happens to us as we come to worship Him however we may be feeling. Psalm 149:3 says “Let them praise His Name with dancing.” This is now our desire and our delight.

November 2014