Come Dance With Me

Come dance with Me and you will see
My glory cover you
As endless waves crash upon the shore
My love will cover you
Come My love, come dance with Me
And you will see the stars shine all around
In myriad flashes of unending light.
Your cares I put to flight
Angels surround you night and day
As in love I hold you sway.
My kingdom comes,
Cannot you see heavy fruit bending the tree,
Come dance with Me and you will be
As a rainbow covering the earth,
In mystical mantles of fulfilment in Me.

For of My love there is no dearth,
Come My love, follow My trail
I blazon the earth in flame
Dance with Me
Cannot you see My purposes filling the earth
Streaming ever upward on high – in flight there is no end
As you dance with Me you will see a swathe of light appear
Enveloping you in heaven’s realm.
I take you onward at the helm
My desires you will fulfil,
Come with Me now, follow Me
Your hand I take in mine
We dance in unison, for all to see
My fair ones, come, dance with Me.

Joanna Gilbert-Hilton (Nina’s Mother)
By Candles of the Soul Poetry
November 2011

Jean's Testimony

When my husband of just over 50 years died unexpectedly after a short illness, I felt devastated and heartbroken and thought I would never know happiness again. However I continued to go along to our dance sessions. At first I would have tears streaming down my face, but gradually as I was able to lose myself in dance, I found a deep sense of release and of God’s love rising up in me. Eighteen months on I still feel the loss and it is hard to do alone the many things that we would have done together, but I have a feeling of joy and peace deep within which is not of myself. If I am feeling sad, I often put on a worship CD and dance on my own, and my spirit is soon lifted.

Dancing in the group brings a spirit of unity as we praise God together, and my eyes have been opened to the fact that Jew and Gentile are one in our Messiah, Jesus, and that we together are a chosen people. Sometimes we are asked to help lead worship, and there have been wonderful opportunities to dance in the open air. We are not there to perform – which is just as well as I make many mistakes – but to praise our God. We are not “Strictly Come Dancing”, more “Freely Come Worship”.

November 2014