Passover Celebration

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Over 50 people came to our Passover Celebration on 7th April, enjoying the experience of learning and sharing the relevance of the Jewish people’s exodus from captivity in Egypt when blood was put on the doorposts to protect the firstborn in each household, to our reconciliation with God through the shedding of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua), which brought forgiveness of sins and life forevermore.

The meaning of the various emblems was explained and Marcia was the child who asked the question of why this night was so different from any other. We portrayed Jews and Gentiles coming together for a time of celebration, enjoying a lovely meal of chicken & apricot tagine, with vegetable couscous, followed by fruit jellies.

The evening ended with a dance/drama presentation to music from the film “Prince of Egypt”, Louis Armstrong’s “Go Down Moses”, “Chag Sameach” (Happy Holidays), Hodu L’Adonai and beautiful arrangement of “Shalom My Friend”. There wasn’t much room as so many were happy to join in the dancing.